Tidal Wave

unnamed (1)My dreams are plagued by a recurring nightmare about a tidal wave.

It begins with a hush and a roar and the realization that it’s too late to run.

I don’t run — not because it’s too late, but because there’s something else for me to do before the water comes.

I believe there’s still a way out, but the way out isn’t by running.

I hear a cry and look up to see a little boy, perched high on an apartment balcony or a tree limb. He is terrified and alone and I know it’s my job to save him from drowning.

I do reach him. For a few brief moments there is peace as his small hand slips into mine. He smiles at me, and we are safe.

It’s not logical, to believe that a tidal wave will stop because of hands making contact. Yet in my dream, it always does.


2 responses to “Tidal Wave”

  1. An interesting dream, is it the same every time? Never had a recurring dream but there are some similar elements and places that come to me in different dreams.

  2. Hi mama! I just happened upon your heartening piece on The Good Mother Project, “Nourished.” What a beautiful piece of writing. I have to tell you that I am also a Jesus feminist, INFJ, and Enneagram Type 4 😉 And also a writer, sometimes. I also happen to be a lactation consultant. Thank you so much for sharing your journey regarding breastfeeding and formula feeding. I have a dear friend who says, “You can fill a bottle with guilt or you can fill a bottle with love.” I’m so glad you did the latter and gave yourself permission to care for yourself as well as your children. Feeding our babies is such a vulnerable and difficult experience and I’m thankful that you shared your struggle with such honesty and self-compassion. I’m certainly passionate about breastfeeding, but I’m more passionate about mamas. You are a good mother ❤

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