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I’m Not Enough

IMG_5555It was 3am. I was more than sleep deprived; I was going a little bit crazy. Jacob, my new baby boy, was less than a week old, and he was hungry. His screams pierced the darkness and pierced this new mama’s heart.

The pediatrician’s office had called that afternoon to say we needed to supplement his diet with formula, and I was crestfallen. In my mind, nursing was the one thing a mother should be able to do for her child, and I just couldn’t make it work. Faced with his suffering, I caved, offering him as much formula as he would take. He filled his little belly and slept sweetly and deeply for the first time. In my gut, I knew I had made the right decision: the most important thing was for my child to be nourished and rested.

And yet, despite this small victory, when I awoke to his wailing, the word failure was all I heard.

I knew I would be tired, but I had no idea how wrecked I would actually be. I hardly slept because my poor son never stopped crying – unless, of course, he passed out in my arms, waking up if I put him down. During the day I’d hand him off to my husband and sneak in a quick catnap only to be woken by another high-pitched wail. Swaddling helped a little but not much. I gave him a pacifier a lot sooner than I had planned. Even when he couldn’t nurse, I pumped and pumped and pumped, hoping I might still provide him what he needed to grow and sleep well. But it was never enough.

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Faith, Identity

Truth Be Told…

The truth is, I am fearful.

The truth is, I am brave.

The truth is, I hide.

The truth is, I make excuses.

The truth is, I have big dreams.

The truth is, I am afraid to fail.

The truth is, I stumble every day.

The truth is, I am rusty at relationships.

The truth is, I crave connection.

The truth is, I push people away.

The truth is, I have a great capacity to love.

The truth is, I have felt abandoned by God.

The truth is, I know God to be ever-present.

The truth is, I am imperfect.

The truth is, I am beautiful.

The truth is, I am a mess.

The truth is, I am a coward.

The truth is, I am a survivor.

The truth is, I am a warrior.

The truth is never fully told.

But I will keep telling it, in hopes of getting close.